Haus Orpheus Presents: Speak Ya Truth Ft. Arys Déjan
to Aug 21

Haus Orpheus Presents: Speak Ya Truth Ft. Arys Déjan

Got a new poem? Trap song? Comedy bit? Monologue? Freestyle you need to get out of your system? Welcome to Haus Orpheus' monthly open mic night: Speak Ya Truth. Come through and throw down—anything with words is welcome!!

The rules are simple:
• Each person gets 3-5 minutes
• There are 12 spots. They are first come, first serve when doors open. Don't sleep! 
• Singers/rappers: Have your track ready on your phone or iPod (aux cable provided)

NOTE: Each performer will walk away with a few professional photos (à la our cover photo) of themselves performing by our resident photography wizard Kieran Meyn! We want ya'll to walk away empowered to carry on and be able to represent yourselves in a proper jiggy fashion ♥ 

DOORS & SIGN UP: 7:30pm
START: 8pm

Featured artist: Arys Déjan Allen-McPherson
Hosted by: Jeff Roulston
Curated by: Sarah Jane Riegler & John Orpheus 

OUR FEATURED ARTIST: Arys Déjan Allen-McPherson
Arys is a recording artist, poet, podcaster who runs The Who & How Club--a podcast, event series, and movement! He's a veteran of the Speak Ya Truth stage and he's coming through this month to play the tracks from of his new EP "Maverick." Ya'll, this one is going to be a treat!

Check Arys out on:
• Spotify:
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• Website:
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NO sexism
NO racism
NO ageism
NO homophobia
NO fatphobia
NO transphobia
NO hatefulness

Haus Orpheus is a voice of the voiceless; the unmarginalizing of the marginalized; the claiming of the soul of our world through openness, self expression and boundless creativity. The mission is clear: smash the white, heteronormative patriarchy and create, express, move, and build (comm)unity in the process. 

We are an event series, a movement, a community, and a VIBE rooted in Pan-Africanism, intersectional feminism, and decolonization. Join the movement. Elevate.

✭ Let us rise. Let us be known. ✭

**Unfortunately, this is not an accesible venue for those requiring mobility assistance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!**

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