Arys Déjan Allen-McPherson (ADAM), Born April 26, 1989 (Taurus)


With having a B-boy for an uncle, and a model for a mother...finding a vessel to express himself through wouldn't be as easy as one would think. It would take heartbreak, disappointment, and thoughts of suicide to connect Arys to his artistic abilities.
In his younger age, Arys would draw his own characters and comic strips. Many ideas that he had were inspired by all of the films and cartoons that him and his grandmother watched together growing up.  
His admiration for the lifestyle of Hip-Hop, Rap & R&B came from his aunt, who introduced him to artists such as Aaliyah, Naughty By Nature, BLACK Sheep, SWV, NWA, Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly, KRS ONE and of course...2Pac. Movies like House Party (Kid & Play), Juice, New Jack City and Boyz N The Hood played a huge role as well. 

Every Sunday, while playing Calypso and Soca on the highest volume level, his grandmother would teach Arys how to dance. He would eventually go on to begin memorizing the choreography that he saw in music videos from Michael & Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, and Usher. Buying albums and running home to read the credits became a routine for him the moment his mom allowed him to go to HMV on his own one day to purchase his first CD. 


Arys spent the majority of his teenage years in foster care. Along with not knowing who his biological father was, built up anger and questions unanswered. Arys then began to gear his energy towards expressing himself through the art of poetry. While listening to music, he would count the "sentences" or "bars" to get an idea and understanding of the structure of how songs were written and created. He began to write full length songs without any music or "beats"...just structured verses with choruses on sheets of paper. Throughout high school, Arys performed his raps and poetry, joined a dance crew and faced his shyness and fears by performing at talent shows. One day, he got a chance to hear what his voice sounded like recorded in a studio at the Davenport-Perth Community Centre which he attended frequently. From that moment, he knew that his voice would take him far.     

Arys always felt that if his father was present in his life, he wouldn't have had to face certain life challenges or barriers that he did. Whether it was dealing with difficult friendships, relationships or bullying, Arys felt like he needed a father there to help him through it all. Instead, Arys had art...and many positive influences around him.. After quite a sheltered childhood and not being in school (Grades 4-8) for a huge chunk of his childhood, high-school proved to be a bit challenging, but Arys pushed through and graduated.


Making music, spreading his artistic energy to the world and creating opportunities for other artists is simply a part of Arys' life now. With his official EP on its way, a podcast, and a bi-monthly event series in the works, 2017 will be another year full of accomplishments for him. 

To get the full "Arys Déjan Experience",  you would have to meet him, have a conversation, and bask in his presence and energy. He represents those who have a story to tell. He represents the ones who have never given up on themselves or others. He aims to build an army of likeminded creatives who are in tune with their artistic powers and abilities. Art has always been important to the mind, body, heart, spirit and's time to make it known ...Are you in?